BJJ Training Camps

Training Camps are a great way to improve yourself in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

When you immerse yourself in our intensive but not exhausting training routine, you leave behind issues that distract you from your goals. We guarantee you will come back, because that is what happens since our first camp in Italy in 2009.

With the experience of 9 Summer Camps in Italy, 6 in Poland (plus a winter one!) and 3 in South Africa, we know we deliver: quality grappling experience, fun and learning environment, and great camaraderie among all participants and instructors!

People from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, sharing the love of the gentle art, a remarkable experience to renew your drive for the new season ahead.


What set us apart is the structure of our classes. We work effectively the basics of the ground game,  with great attention to detail,  explaining concepts and showing techniques that work for beginners and experts, drilling them in speed and exploring variations to later work on situation sparring.

Our instructors speaks many languages, so nobody is left behind!

Our Summer Camps in Poland and Italy are both in August. Another seasonal Camps will be added here and at our Facebook Page.

In our camps, we welcome all grapplers, regardless of experience, club affiliation, fitness levels, sex, age or background. We are committed to quality and you can expect the best hospitality from our coaches and staff.


Training Camps 2018

2017 is almost history as I write these lines. With 2 weeks left to the end of the year, our eyes naturally look into the new year ahead. Our team has made great progress this season, and that reflected in all camps growth.

Our weeks together in Poland and Italy worked like magic, lots more people from different clubs training together and enjoying the Camp experience, With a very positive feedback from everyone, not much will change for 2018. Dates will be kept similar and we decided to keep both events in the same places.

Our second Training Camp in Cape Town had twice as more people than in 2016, and we expect this trend to keep going. In 2018 new classes will be added and a new location for the Sunday Gradings as well as a big barbecue is in the plans (Vegans are welcome too)!

We also tried a shorter camp format in South Africa. A weekend in Nelspruit, which is an amazing location near the Kruger Park, the biggest natural reserve of Southern Africa. Three days in an lodge by the river gives a chance to absorb nature’s energy, practice our art and unwind from life’s problems. We loved the place and the participants seemed enthusiastic to come back next year, so this event is confirmed for 2018, with final dates to be released soon.

So that’s the plan for 2018:

VII Summer Camp Poland in Borowice, from 30th of July to 5th of August (FaceBook event)

X Summer Camp Italy in Cesenatico, from 21st to 26th of August (FaceBook event)

III Spring Camp South Africa in Cape Town (early November, dates to be released)

II Weekend Training Camp in Nelspruit (mid to late November, dates to be released)

Camps 2017

Dates were set, places confirmed, and you can already book for our camps (check our Registration Page)

Poland – 31 of July to 6 of August – Facebook Event

Italy – 22 to 27 of August – Facebook Event

South Africa – 9 to 12 of November – Facebook Event




Each new year we try to improve our Camps, learning from our successes and shortcomings, and we are glad to announce great surprises for this year.

We will meet again in Borowice, Poland for the fifth year and this time we will add a night, starting the camp on the Sunday evening, to accommodate requests from foreigners and people travelling long hours. Dates are set for 31/07 to 07/08.

In Italy we had to change locations a few times in the past 3 years, but not anymore. We felt great last year at the EuroCamp and they will provide us a bigger place to train. Also we will have a special black belt guest. Dates are set for 23/08 to 28/08.

Now the big news is that we are having a Summer Camp in December. Yes, it will be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and we will travel to Cape Town, South Africa to have our first ever Camp in one of the most beautiful sceneries one can wish for. Dates are not confirmed yet, so stay tuned!

HL Video from VI Summer Camp Italy

2014 Italy HL Video


After doing such a good HL Video for our Camp in Poland, we decided to try again in Italy. I really liked the outcome! Edited by Max de Michelis. The song is a rap from Rio written and sung by Alexandre Oliveira, a friend of mine and BJJ practitioner. Check the footage from our trainings in Comacchio, filmed with a GoPro 3:

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HL Videos from Borowice

2014 Poland HL videos


Our camp in Borowice was simply amazing. Don’t believe us? Check our Highlights videos. The one on top is the official and the second was made independently by our students from Wroclaw. We hope you enjoy and come join us next year!

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VI Summer Camp in Emilia Romagna (gallery)


For the sixth year in a row, we gather in Italy during the last week of August, to grapple and spend good time together. Next year we will be close to Ravenna, don’t miss it!

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III Summer Camp in Borowice


Our Third Summer Camp in Borowice, Poland has only ended and is being missed already. What a fantastic week we had, over 90 people from 10 countries training together, 3 times a day, learning from each other and sharing a good time in such a beautiful mountain.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, we have this little gallery from some moments of last week to share with our readers. More are being shared by our guests in the Facebook, check also our page Rio Grappling Camps for more (

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2014 Rio Grappling Camps

Every year we aim to improve our experience together. For 2014 we decided to move back our VI Rio Grappling Summer Camp Italy to the seashore, close to where it started in 2009.

The III Rio Grappling Camp Poland, already a success with 84 people attending last year, will remain in Borowice and we will invite other black belts to keep track of so many students. We will have 6 to 8 coaches in every session to make sure all students get the best of their time with us.

The II Camp in Sardinia will aim for white and blue belts, a big return to basic drills and techniques that will help develop the sport in the Island since most of the guests at this camp last year were locals, and we will focus on their needs, evidently doing our best to ensure that advanced grapplers are not only welcome but will also enjoy the experience fully.

For more info please join our events on Facebook. Links provided below:

* July 1st to 6th – II Summer Camp Sardegna –

* August 4th to 10th – III Summer Camp Poland –

* August 23rd to 30th – VI Summer Camp Italy –

Summer Camps 2013

The European Summer is just around the corner, and our association will host 4 BJJ summer camps, 3 in Italy and one in Poland. Find out below which one suits you better and drop us an email to find out how to register and to get more details and prices.

JUNE, 17th to 25th – Florence: This camp will be preparatory for the IBJJF European No Gi Open/Rome International on the last weekend of June.

Starting on the 17th of June, we will train twice a day at the Rio Grappling Club Firenze (Palestra Nidiaci, Via della Chiesa, 52, 50126 – Florence) to get our fighters ready for the upcoming competition in Rome.

This Camp will aim to improve competition specific skills like speed, accuracy, getting submissions, scoring points and advantages; we will focus on drills and competition sparring to prepare our athletes for Rome (29 and 30 of June).

Coaches Roberto Atalla, Matteo Calamandrei and Bernardo Serrini will oversee the classes.

Notice that because this is a preparation for an important comp, we will allow only grapplers from the Rio Grappling Club, independent clubs not linked to any major networks as well as fighters from teams Fratelli Letteri and Bulldog (Rome/Latina) in Italy as well as other small clubs from other countries with connections with our network. If unsure of the status of your club, don’t be shy, just ask us more or consider joining the camps in Sardinia or Ferrara, which are open to everyone.

This camp will provide only training. Athletes are encouraged to make their own arrangements for accommodation, food and transportation to Rome. If you feel like joining, please find yourself a hotel near our gym or ask us for recommendations as we can suggest a few places next to us.

Find out more on the event page in Facebook:


JULY, 1st to 7th – Sardinia: Our first summer camp in the gorgeous island of Sardinia, near Alghero, is open to everyone, regardless of rank or gym affiliation. We will stay at Village La Plata (, train 3 times a day, have fun together, at a location which is walking distance to a pristine beach, just 20 minutes away from the Alghero airport.


Make sure to check their website to see how beautiful the place is! Breakfast is included at the hotel rates and it is possible to lunch at the place paying separately, but we will dine out (It is not possible to cook in the apartments). Bookings must be made directly with the hotel early to get cheap rates, and training fees will be paid directly to us (cash only).

Black belts Bernardo Serrini and Roberto Atalla will guide the classes. Morning sessions will focus on specific and general sparring, afternoon sessions are all about drills and night ones will focus on BJJ technical details.

To attend this camp, register at the hotel, book flights or ferry to Alghero and email us to confirm your bookings. We will take care of the rest.

More details on our Facebook event page:


August 5th to 11th, Borowice – Poland: Running for the second year, our Polish Camp is already a success with 62 students attending in 2012. This time people will be able to train BJJ and/or MMA. Featuring 4 BJJ black belts and an amazing value, this is our cheapest training camp this summer. The package includes accommodation, 3 meals and training, but guest are responsible to find their way to the hotel Hottur [].


Due to limited space, this camp will be open only to Rio Grappling Club members, Pitbull Nitra (Slovakia) and Jungle BJJ (Czech Republic). If you train at any of our affiliated schools in Poland, you must register directly with the head coach of your club, paying a deposit fee before the end of May. If you live in other countries, please email us to find out how to register, before June ends.

If you fancy training with us in the Polish mountains, make sure to rush as places will fill up fast. Coaches Mariusz Koziej, Walmaro Medeiros de Sá, Roberto Atalla, Krzysiek Golaszewski and Krystian Kwiecen will conduct the BJJ and MMA trainings.

Please check our Fb event page to find out more:


August 26th to September 1st, Ferrara – Italy: Our most traditional summer camp, running every year since 2009, will be held this year in the historic city of Ferrara at the Kleb academy []. With growing numbers from the start, this camp is a multicultural experience. Last year we had people coming from many European countries as well as Egypt, South Africa and Brazil. This camp is open to everyone with at least 4 months of grappling experience, regardless of where they train or which belt they hold.


We give you different options for accommodation, with an associated hotel offering discounted prices and a camping area nearby, but guests can book at other places at their choice; meals can be eaten at the gym restaurant (they serve amazing pizza, pasta, salads as well as great Italian and regional cuisine, with a discounted price for our guests) or elsewhere if one prefers to explore the surroundings. Gianluca Boni, Mariusz Koziej, Roberto Atalla and Matteo Menna will be responsible for the classes, with other black belts visiting.

Trainings will follow the structure we believe suits us better, with morning focused and general sparring, drills in the afternoon and techniques being taught at night. Guests can also use some facilities of the gym like the swimming pool, sauna and weights room at no extra cost. Want to know more? Write to us and we will address your questions. For bookings make sure to arrange a place to stay, and you will pay us separately for trainings.

Our suggestions for accommodation (to get a discounted rate at the B&B, please mention the training camp):

ALBERGO “AL FLUVIALE” (bed and breakfast low cost)
Via Darsena, 2 int. 4

via Gramicia 76

Alternatively, check on places nearby to find what suits you better.

Join our Facebook event here:

2013 first update

Hey there! 2013 has started and we are looking forward to another summer full of BJJ in Europe. We would like to announce that we will host Summer Camps in Italy (2), Greece and Poland.

We are planning a special preparatory Camp for the Europeans No Gi that will happen in Rome on the 30th of June.

But we regret to inform that the Camp scheduled to happen in Brazil has been postponed to 2014 due to a conflict with dates that would not allow me to be there in time to conduct the classes. Our sincere apologies to anyone planning to attend it, but since we decided early and no bookings were taken, hopefully better planning in 2014 will allow us to launch yet another camp organised by the Rio Grappling Club.